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What Is Outstaffing?

Outstaffing of employees is an effective way of personnel management. It is the process of dismissing employees from the permanent staff of the company with their simultaneous registration with a specialized agency. Outstaffing in public catering is a modern method of managing employees of various competences and qualifications:

This service provides for important benefits. In this regard, its relevance among entrepreneurs is steadily increasing!

Benefits of public catering personnel outstaffing

Using such an effective management tool as outstaffing, the company obtains a tangible benefit:

In addition to the above basic advantages, the enterprise receives additional benefits:

The main advantage of the outstaffing is a reduction in the company’s fixed costs. The contractor fully assumes the duties of registration, information and financial support of employees. In addition, this saves the entrepreneur from having to solve a variety of minor tasks.

By reducing the permanent staff, the burden is reduced on own employees and current assets fund. As a result, the monetary, labour, and time resources are released and allocated for the main activity. Increased productivity leads to the outstanding commercial results!

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