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The foremen, headmen, and workers play an important role during the construction process. They are an indispensable factor for success in entrepreneurial activity. However, the maintenance of staff on a permanent basis creates a lot of inconvenience for the company. This is associated with the complexity of HR records management, an increase in fixed costs, exceeding the requirements for the maximum number of employees for the desired tax category.

Outstaffing in construction is an effective management tool that makes the company more profitable and flexible. Outstaffing services constitute a necessary component at the various stages of the construction process. They ensure the effective conduct of the core business and best commercial results!

Why do we need the outstaffing of construction workers?

Outstaffing of construction workers is the official withdrawal of employees out of company’s permanent staff. The service is used to achieve the following objectives:

Main benefits of outstaffing

The above factors contribute to more effective company’s activity:

Outstaffing of construction workersis a perfect option for entrepreneurs who implement projects involving freelance foremen. In addition to the above advantages, the employees’ engagement by contract also allows excluding any disputes, disagreements with personnel and issues with inspections by public services.

Benefits of construction personnel outstaffing with ‘Your Staff Advisor’

‘Your Staff Advisor’ provides you with a variety of benefits:

Outstaffing at the construction site is an excellent opportunity to carry out full-fledged processes of erection and finishing of buildings, premises, landscaping, excavation, involving freelancers for cooperation. As a result of the costs reduction and allocation of company’s released resources to the development of core activities, the company’s performance increases. And this has a positive effect on the profit margin!

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