Janitors Outstaffing

Advantages of janitors outstaffing with ‘Your Staff Advisor’

We register employees immediately after their dismissal from your company.

We conclude a mutually beneficial contract, which allows you to save 20–30 % on HR management.

We send personnel to the site immediately after signing the employment agreements.

We prepare personnel for temporary or permanent work.

We undertake all the responsibilities of HR management.

We solve problems with the FMS and other public services.

Payment for services upon their provision.

Engagement of janitors to cooperation on the subcontracting terms

We organise our services according to your business process,
taking into account your needs and tasks. Therefore, we can offer a unique solution for you!

Our specialist will call you back within 4 minutes

What Is Contract HR Management?

Outstaffing is a modern HR management tool, which is highly effective and popular. It is used to withdraw the employees out the company’s permanent staff. This is achieved through their dismissal and prompt re-registration with the contracting organization. Staff continues to perform job functions in the regular mode, but enters into formal relationships with the new employer.

Janitors outstaffing is the process of their withdrawal out of staff in order to optimize the company’s costs and obtain other benefits. Employees are re-registered with the contractor, which calculates the salary, pays taxes and provides the necessary certificates and documents. The janitors are sent to the site of the business owner and maintain the cleanliness of the territories, as before.

Benefits of contract HR Management

Outstaffing services are characterized by important advantages:

In addition to the above benefits, the contract HR Management has other advantages. For example, outstaffing excludes any problems for business owner associated with the audit public services in case of any violations of the labour laws.

Moreover, the delegation of secondary duties to the outstaffer allows you to allocate the company’s released resources for the development of core activities, which strengthens the company’s revenue position!