Pickers Outstaffing

Advantages of outstaffing with ‘Your Staff Advisor’

We conclude a contract providing you with savings on personnel management of up to 35 %.

We register the pickers immediately after their dismissal from your company.

We engage personnel to work on subcontracting terms.

We assign staff to your facility immediately after its re-registration.

Outstaffing of employees for temporary or permanent work.

Complete HR records management.

We solve issues with FMS and other public services.

Services paid upon their provision in accordance with the contract.

We organise our services according to your business process,
taking into account your needs and tasks. Therefore, we can offer a unique solution for you!

Our specialist will call you back within 4 minutes

What Is Outstaffing?

Outstaffing is a delegation of HR record management to the professional contractor. It is achieved through the dismissal of employees of the company and their subsequent registration with an outstaffing agency. Personnel enters into formal labor relations with the new employer, but performs its official functions in a standard mode.

Pickers outstaffing — процесс их переоформления в организацию подрядчика. Они заключают трудовые соглашения с агентством, который с этого момента занимается их финансовым содержанием и документальным. However, the pickers are assigned to the warehouse, trade enterprises of the former employers to perform the jobs.

Benefits of outstaffing

The use of the reliable contractor services ensures a number of important advantages to the business owner:

Due to outstaffing the company obtains important advantages. In addition to the above benefits, the company also eliminates all possible problems with the staff thanks to the outstaffing services. Optimized costs, increased corporate profits, relief from minor tasks are the main reserves to increase the gross profit!