Merchandisers outstaffing

Advantages of outstaffing with ‘Your Staff Advisor’

We undertake complete responsibility for HR records management.

We sign a mutually beneficial contract that provides you with savings of up to 35 % on employee management.

We re-register employees within the shortest period .

We address all FMS and other public services related issues.

We outstaff merchandisers for your company for permanent or part-time employment..

We provide employees for subcontract work.

We assign staff to the outlets immediately after re-registration.

Payment for services is made upon provision thereof..

We organise our services according to your business process,
taking into account your needs and tasks. Therefore, we can offer a unique solution for you!

Our specialist will call you back within 4 minutes

Benefits of contract-based HR management

Outstaffing services provide the company with a number of important advantages:

In addition to the above advantages, the contract-based HR management provides other benefits. For example, any disputes and disagreements with personnel are excluded, because the official employer is in charge of these. In addition, the financial, time, and labour resources released from the secondary functions, which make it possible to improve the efficiency and profitability of the company’s core business!