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Do you have staff?We will register your employees with our legal entity.

  • We help to clarify tax situations. We reduce tax risks;
  • We will reduce staffing costs.

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Do you have no staff? We will locate and provide suitable employees for your needs.

  • We will solve your business problems;
  • Reduce the burden on your HR department

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How will outstaffingmake a difference for you?

Outstaffing allows you to solve a number of employee-related issues both in small and large businesses in Russia.

Since 2006, the outstaffing service hasbecome popular among domestic employers. In our 7 years of operation, more than 100 of our clients have utilized the outstaffing service and there are a number of reasons for this:

  • Registration of foreign citizens in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • Protection during verification of FMS and other regulatory authorities.
  • Assistance with tax payments and reduced staff costs.
  • No obligations on labour relations with staff.

Our company “Your Staff Advisor” is an accredited agency.
We work in full accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

How will you benefit from staff outsourcing?

Staff outsourcing enables the hiring of the necessary staff for temporary or permanent work, transferring the business process to our service.

For over 7 years we have been engaged in the selection and provision of large numbers of employees. Everyone who we employ is a citizen of either the Russian Federation or Belarus. We have our own database of proven staff, which allows us to address almost any business task for our clients.

  • Outsourcing allows you to obtain better results with no need for your own recruitment division.
  • We will select and train the staff within a short period of time so that they can carry out the specific tasks that you have set for them.
  • We bear the responsibility for our staff and fulfilment of your business tasks.
  • One responsible functional contact is assigned to the project and is on hand to deal with any problems.

Unlike outstaffing services, when outsourcing, our company deals with the selection and management of staff, setting tasks and monitoring their implementation.

We are focused on targetingthe areas where companies are looking for staff

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Additional services

Outstaffing in Moscow

Your Staff Advisor helps to fill vacancies, including for foreign companies

Our outstaffing company provides services for embassies

Foreign embassies are Your Staff Advisor’s regular customers.

Most often we provide the outstaffing for positions such as:

  • translators / secretaries;
  • gardeners / cleaners;
  • drivers / couriers.

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Staff registration for foreign companies

We cooperate with foreign companies in Europe, CIS, and America, including their staff working in the Russian Federation. What can we do for you?

  • We will register employees who work for you, but are physically located in Russia.
  • • We will register employees who work in your country, but who are unable to obtain a work visa.

This will help to protect the intellectual property rights of your products

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Staff registration for the Russian company, which works in the CIS countries/Europe

Recently, more and more Russian companies are attracting specialists who work
remotely outside of the Russian Federation.

    These could be:

  • Programmers from India, China, CIS, and Europe.
  • Your representatives, logisticians, etc.

Our company will enable you to registerthese employees, and will stipulate in the contract the working conditions and duties of your employees.

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We tailor our services according to your business needs.
Therefore, we can offer you a unique solution!

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Your Staff Advisor provides a full range of services related to the registration and provision of staff


We help you to conduct outstaffing legally in order to find the personnel for your company and register them with Your Staff Advisor.

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When outsourcing, you transfer the staff management function and fulfillment of your objectives under Your Staff Advisor’s control.

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When leasing, Your Staff Advisor provides your company with temporary staff with no need to formalize an employment relationship.

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