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Business processes related to logistics are of secondary importance to most companies. However, their performance directly affects the performance of basic business activities. Therefore, a team of experienced logisticians is necessary for success in the transportation and storage of inventory items.

However, the maintaining of permanent staff has been often unprofitable for a variety of reasons. That is why contractors resort to the services of logistics personnel outstaffing – formal re-registration of employees with another organization.

At the same time, the legal relations between employees and the company cease. However, the latter continues to work at the regular workplaces, fulfilling former duties.

Why do we need outstaffing in logistics?

The high popularity of this personnel management tool is the best evidence of its effectiveness. The outstaffing services offer numerous advantages:

Outstaffing in logistics is a proven way to reduce costs and obtain commercial benefits. Due to the freeing up of resources from not having to solveminor tasks, it is possible to improve the main activity performance. This leads to increased efficiency, mobility and profitability of the company!

Professional outstaffing of logistics personnel – better terms with ‘Your Staff Advisor’!

There are plenty of agencies providing outstaffing services. However, the desired result is ensured only when oneworks with a reliable and trusted agency. ‘Your Staff Advisor’ provides you with a variety of benefits:

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