Call Center Personnel

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The operators answer multiple users’ questions in the process of telephone or online consultation. Operators are also engaged, when it is necessary to contact a large number of customers and present the company’s product or service. Call Center Operators are important links in the process of selling products and providing services.

However, it is not necessary to maintain the permanent staff of such consultants. It is much more profitable to use the services of a contractor, who cares about the maintenance and provision of operators. That is why outstaffing in Call Centers is so popular nowadays!

Benefits of Call Center personnel outstaffing

Employees are withdrawn from thebody of permanent staff and are on the books of the contractor. Thisleads to the following significant benefits:

Advantages of outstaffing with "Your Staff Advisor"

Cooperation with VCS allows the contractor to gain many advantages:

The absence of official relations with the staff relieves the contractor from many concerns of calculating and paying the salary and rules out possible disagreements with employees and problems with migration and other public services.

The financial, labour and monetary resources are economized and the company allocates these for the development of the main corporate business, which, in turn, increases the efficiency and profitability.

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