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Want to get rid of all issues related to staff registration?

How the outstaffing works


Outstaffing is an absolutely transparent operation scheme

You can independently calculate the outstaffing costs and resulting benefits

Nationality of employees
  • RF
  • CIS
  • Belarus and Kazakhstan
Term of the employment contract:
  • Less than 183 days
  • 183 days or more
Net wage:
Number of employees: 5

Cost per employee:

3615.00 RUB

Total budget for all employees:

45671.00 RUB

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Outstaffing addresses HR issues and cuts costs by up to 30%

Cutting staff costs:

With a total of 300 employees in your company, your staff can consist of 6 accountants (involved in wages / taxes / clearance calculations, etc.) and 4 HR specialists.

Your monthly wage spending would be RUB 620.000* at an average wage cost of RUB 62.000.

Outstaffing enables you to have only 1 accountant and 1 HR employee with a salary of RUB 120.000.

You will cut your staffing costs five-fold via a simple optimization of salary costs.

Addressing issues of staff constraints:

Your HR policy may have limitations on the number of employees involved, for a number of reasons:

  • Taxation optimization;
  • You are a regional representative, and corporate policy does not allow you to take on more employees.

In this situation, a number of companies incur profit losses due to the inability to process all incoming orders resulting from the lack of staff.

Outstaffing allows this issue to be addressedwith no effect to you and your customers. We will register the necessary number of employees with our agency. And you will be able to expand your staff with the right number of specialized employees.

Savings on employment contracts and temporary staff

One of the main sources of expenditure under labour contracts is severance pay. This is especially true when using temporary staff.

Our company provides outstaffing services for a number of companies that engage temporary workers for a period from 1 to 1.5 years.

By using our services, you cut HR costs relating to temporary staff, as well as significantly reducing costs due to compensation payments to employees on completed projects.

Examples of savings when using outstaffing:

Accountants: training staff


Number of outstaffed employees


Salary (60 000 руб)

Tax deductions (4000 руб)

Workplace equipment (2800 руб)

Advanced training (3500 руб)

Sick leave / vacation (7500 руб)

More than 120* companies in Russia have made use of outstaffing

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Our experience and reputation is the most important thing,
but there are several more important points:

Comprehensive service

The key to success is customer focus. YSA Company is rightfully considered one of the few companies able to fully integrate into the business process of the customer.

This means that any of your staff issues will be settled with the most beneficial and transparent terms of cooperation

Removal of imminent staff risks

Our company fully assumes the risks of the staff employment relationship registration.

It protects you from the need to interact with the Federal Tax Service, FIU, FSS.

It settles all issues with the Federal Migration Service, including in the case of foreign staff.

Legal security and confidentiality

We have been working in the field of outstaffing for more than 7 years. We agree contracts with all our clients. We have accreditation in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation.

Thanks to our experienced and specialized team, we are able to solve all staff issues, ensuring the peace of mind for our customers.

Flexible pricing policy

Each one of our customers is unique with their own specifics and conditions.

Hence why we offer a flexible pricing policy, which is based solely on the customer’s needs.

Our experience and practice allows us to work with both small private businesses (outstaffing one employee) as well as market leaders, which register more than 200 employees with us.

We have the best solution for everyone!

We are focused on specific staff objectives

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