Outstaffing of stockmen

Advantages of outstaffing with ‘Your Staff Advisor’

We provide professional HR management.

We solve any problems with public services, including those relating to the inspection of employees.

We engage personnel to work according to the terms of a subcontract.

We sign a contract that allows you to save up to 30 % on HR administration.

We register employees immediately after their dismissal from your company.

We assign stockmen to your company immediately after they have signed the employment agreements.

We pay for services upon their provision.

We re-register the staff for part-time or permanent employment.

We organise our services according to your business process,
taking into account your needs and tasks. Therefore, we can offer a unique solution for you!

Our specialist will call you back within 4 minutes

What Is Outstaffing?

Outstaffing is the process of re-registration of employees with a contracting organization. . It is achieved by their dismissal and subsequent signing of employment agreements with the new employer. In this way, the company changes the statutory form of cooperation with staff, but retains the previous one, because the contractor assigns staff to the business owner’s facilities for the performance of regular jobs.

The outstaffing of stockmen is the process involving their transfer to the contracting organization. Due to this, the company no longer needs to conduct secondary business processes related to personnel management. Concerns for the administrative and financial provision of personnel are now the responsibility of the outstaffer. The enterprise engages stockmen to work according to the terms of a subcontractual agreement.

Benefits Of Outstaffing

The great popularity of outstaffing is due to the fact that the business owner gains multiple advantages:

The outstaffing of stockmen is an opportunity to increase the performance and profitability of the company. The business owner engages employees on subcontractual terms, so does not manage them, but utilizes their labour to perform minor tasks. The result of the outstaffer’s work is guaranteed, because they receive payment upon the provision of services. This provides the company with confidence in the conscientious fulfilment of obligations by the contractor!