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Staff Leasing in Moscow

Staff leasing is a kind of outsourcing and it entails the contractor company providing the staff whom it already employs for performing temporary jobs or specific business tasks. At the same time, the customer does not need to register the employees with their company and engage in staff-related procedures.

More and more companies are resorting to leasing and outstaffing of staff, as they enable a more flexible use of labour. The service is popular in various industries, such as: construction, trade, manufacturing, banking, and others.

What needs are addressed by this service:

  • Reduction of staff costs.
  • No need for a lengthy recruitment process of employees.
  • Easy administration of staff.
  • Providing the right number of employees for seasonal work in the shortest possible time.

Advantages of using staff leasing:

  • Ability to use the services of employees for the duration of certain tasks.
  • Lack of need for a lengthy procedure for finding employees.
  • Reducing the workload of the HR-department and accounting, thanks to a reduction in the cost of calculating wages and reducing workflow.
  • Rapid response to seasonal work.
  • Cover in the case of sickness, since the leasing company is obliged to provide a replacement.
  • Elimination of risks and expenses in case of staff reduction.

«Your Staff Advisor» provides support to the leasing staff and your company. Including:

  • Selection of staff according to your requirements
  • Coordination of conditions, terms of work and amount of payment for employees.
  • Accounting, legal, insurance, bank support of the staff provided.
  • Material security of leasing workers.
  • Training.
  • Preservation of confidential information of the customer's company.
  • Quality control of the work of the employees.

Staff leasing in Moscow will no longer be a problem for your company, since the YSA Staff Agency is ready to undertake all staff related responsibilities.

We have been providing outsourcing and outstaffing services for more than 7 years and have proved to be a reliable, client-oriented company.

"Your Staff Advisor" provides a full range of services related to the registration and provision of staff


A service that allows you to legally outstaff the personnel in your company and to register this with Your Staff Advisor.

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When outsourcing, you transfer both the management of the staff and the attainment of your objectives to your staff advisor’s control.

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