Car Washmen Outstaffing

Advantages of HR-management outsourcing with ‘Your Staff Adviser’

Maximum operational re-registration of employees..

Car Washmen outstaffing for permanent or temporary work.

Signing a contract that saves you 20–30 % on HR management costs.

We send employees to your facility immediately after they register with our company.

Signing of individual contracts for services with each Car Washman.

Professional HR records management for outstaffed personnel.

We resolve issues with personnel inspecting public services.

Services paid upon provision.

We organise our services according to your business process,
taking into account your needs and tasks. Therefore, we can offer a unique solution for you!

Our specialist will call you back within 4 minutes

What Is Outstaffing?

Outstaffing is a modern HR management tool, which is characterized by high efficiency and popularity. It is a process of employees’ withdrawal outside the permanent staff of the company through their formal dismissal and subsequent registration with the contracting organization. At the same time, upon conclusion of labour agreements with a new employer, these employees sent to the former place of employment to perform their regular functions.

Car Washmen Outstaffing is the transfer of staff to a professional agency. It deals with the paperwork, financial support of employees. In addition to the principal labour agreements, Car Washmen sign the service contracts, under which they undertake to perform jobs at the customer’s site (the former employer).

Benefits of contract HR management

The great popularity of outstaffing is due to the multiple benefits for the business owner:

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, the company receives other advantages. For example, any disputes and disagreements with staff are excluded. And there are no problems with the public services that check employees. Most importantly, the delegation of secondary duties to the outstaffer allows you to allocate the company’s released resources for the development of core activities, which strengthens the company’s revenue position!