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How outstaffing works
for foreign companies

Which type of tasks does outstaffing address for foreign companies:

Categories of specialists hired by
the foreign companies

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Nationality of employees
  • RF
  • CIS
  • Belarus and Kazakhstan
Term of the employment contract:
  • Less than 183 days
  • 183 days or more
Net wage:
Number of employees: 5

Cost per employee:

3615.00 RUB

Total budget for all employees:

45671.00 RUB

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Outstaffing for foreign companies

YSA provides outsourcing services not only within Russia. Our many years of experience and our myriad of capabilities allow us to address the issues of registration and outstaffing for companies from the CIS countries, Western Europe, and North and Latin America. Having concluded the agreement for outstaffing with YSA Company you receive:

  • Officially and legally registered staff assigned to your company.
  • Qualitatively performed work on the basis of a contract describing the rights and obligations of the parties.
  • Maintaining the employer's property rights.
  • Reduction of staff costs by over 30%

Outstaffing of specialists from CIS countries

Outstaffing by foreign companies enables you to hire and cooperate with the highly qualified specialists who live in Russia and CIS countries. In this case, a detailed agreement will be drawn up that legally determines the rights and duties of the staff and employer, as well as protecting the intellectual property rights of the customer.

This service will be an excellent solution for the companies that cooperate with domestic software developers. Due to the rapid development of technology, the demand for this category of workers is growing. IT specialists from Russia and CIS countries are highly valued due to high-quality implementation of projects and relatively low fees, so outstaffing programmers are most in demand in Europe and America

Outstaffing of foreigners

Outstaffing in Europe and America has been very popular for many years among the dozens of companies that prefer to use labour resources from other countries.

YSA provides an opportunity to officially register the foreign workers who for some reason cannot obtain a work visa. You will be able to retain your experienced and proven employees, and permanently get rid of the hassle of staffing and communication with migration services. All these obligations, when formalizing the contract, are taken over by the specialists of VCS.

Our clients

Our customers in Europe, America, and CIS countries are not only companies that develop software. Among our regular customers are foreign embassies and representatives.

In addition, our customers include the dozens of companies working in the areas of services, construction, trade and production. Often we bring out the following specialties for the staff:

  • Translators
  • Secretaries
  • Gardener and cleaners
  • Drivers and couriers.