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What Is Outstaffing?

Outstaffing is a process of transferring personnel maintenance function to the contractor. Employees are dismissed from the permanent staff of the company and without a delay are registered with a specialized agency. Outstaffer provides employees with employment, calculates and pays a salary. Personnel is assigned to the customer’s company and performs its regular functions.

While using the outstaffing services the entrepreneur does not enter into formal relations with employees. He only receives the necessary result of their work, but pays the contractor, who in turn settles the accounts with the staff.

Advantages of outstaffing

By delegating the process of personnel management to the contractor, the company receives a clear benefit:

In addition to the above benefits of outstaffing, the entrepreneur obtains one more advantage – maintaining the regular legal status in terms of compliance with the maximum size of staff requirement. In addition, this is an important advantage in terms of taxation.

Outstaffing of FMCG employees is a proven way to achieve the outstanding commercial results! Creation of stock and maintenance of the consumer goods ranges in shops is a challenging task. In order to preserve the company’s resources used to solve the minor tasks, it is advisable to delegate the duty of personnel management to a professional contractor!

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